Online Kutu Harf Advertising Ltd Sti. It was born in 2012 as a commercial idea. By adding innovation to the sector, the digital system has reduced costs and has followed the steps towards quality manufacturing with less cost, and has continued its development with its own studies.

online kutu harf idea

Fast price offer for signage in outdoor advertising industry. Starting with the idea of these demand chambers, our company "offers instant price offer by revolutionizing the advertising sector and offering the most appropriate price"

online kutu harf innovation

After the software, R & D and innovation works, in the end of 2013, in the commercial activities, our company is projected and ready to assemble the tab sign in 350 units, 3400 units abroad. Over 500,000 visitors were reached.

It is one of the rare companies in the sector that continues its support operation with our customer representatives on the back and develops its own products with its R & D policy and receives positive comments from its customers after the product delivery.

In addition, we offer you world-class online signage products with our online system and fully integrated manufacturing facilities that we have developed with our innovation consultants, information technology developers, product development personnel and our own software team.

Our company, which is integrated with our ateliers, is capable of presenting the information of each stage of production to you instantly. and at the end of 2017, "Online Tabela Reklam and CS Led Tekn. LTD ŞTİ" has continued its development with the title.

online kutu harf production

Towards the end of 2016, we continue to provide even more quality services with a much faster production capacity by being machined in all of our products and moving to mass production line. The signage is not as expensive as it seems. We will develop less costly products by reflecting the cost advantages of the machines by taking the marketing power of the internet behind us.

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